Want an credible bed and breakfast of worth? Tag along and learn with me BnB

What Rules should I Establish On-site?

Learn with Me BnB is in depth. There is so much to know and find out. Like Guest Policies: No drinking? No smoking? Pets or no pets?

This is the place to be like a home for your guests. Always remember though, you govern it and it is your home first.

So set your boundaries accordingly. You will want some.

Learn with Me BnB

Learn with me BnBs. All about bed and breakfasts.

What it takes to get started in small ways. What is all the fuss about anyway?

What's the difference between an airbnb, a bed and breakfast, the simple BnB or a quaint country inn?

I'm excited you've decided to join me in finding out more. Then putting what we see to use in real ways.

Equip yourself to be a great Change in Your World.

Learn with Me BnB at Your own Pace - Your Way

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Welcome to Learn with me BnBs

Welcome to Learn with me BnBs for young and old. Where we like to start you off with healthy living ideas. Not 50 years down the road. But right at the beginning of the course of your bed and breakfast's journey.

So you will find ideas here such as:

  • special occasion tips,
  • professional, entertaining and casual attire, 
  • amazing trips to plan,
  • some gardening ideas (for those that have the space)
  • healthy living, 
  • great cleaning products,
  • organizing your spaces,
  • "how-to" clean ideas,
  • suggestions for breakfasts,

And all in tune with your own lifestyle.

The air we breath, home elements, and more are all very important to all of us. So you will find a smattering of healthy living ideas throughout our BnB site.

Just like you we realize that everything we do eventually contributes to a healthy living environment.

Your Living Environment a Top Priority

Even though you want an credible bed and breakfast. We know being aware of your living environment needs to be a top priority at all times these days.

It's a hot topic for most people aspiring to help provide excellent accommodations for guests. And also change their own lives for the better at the same time.

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Discover Concepts to Succeed

We all have to learn to take this concept into all we attempt in life. Making great choices in food, decorations, living accessories and attire are all must-do areas. This is our focus.

To be conscious of our lives in areas such as accessories, how-to's, any cleaning products, the atmospheres we create ... Anywhere that leads to people having the most rewarding experiences in life. And a great travel day.

The Tidy BnB has Information About

  • Design tips
  • Safety at all times and events
  • Style elements
  • Cleaning how to's
  • Environment friendly products
  • Opening day ideas

Clean: What to Expect

The Tidy BnB Characteristics

In the world of travel, family and romantic events you find a host of characteristics. From the textures to the aromas it is diversified to say the least. Everyone is different so your choices are as unique as you, yourself are. No two people are alike.

Healthy is Always In

Healthy Bed and Breakfast Tip: Because Your Future Home Life Matters

When everything you do matters to you all the time. Time is of the essence that you change some habits now. Especially when adding influential items to your lifestyle.

Always begin with the cleaning products you plan to use for best air quality in your BnB experience ...

Your cleaning items or accessories or other products do not have to pollute. Make them your best asset ever. For air quality.

You could compare people somewhat to wax. Malleable wax is soft and pliable. At the same time it also can be shaped, molded, sculpted, dipped and formed into many different sizes.

From there it is also dyed or scented to many individual preferences. Much like human beings are shaped and molded by life.

Always shape your life with the positive attributes of healthy living. Cleaning with excellence as you go.

And with this attitude as well begin creating the bed and breakfast of your dreams. No two will ever be exactly the same.

The intimate atmosphere you long for is within your reach. Think like a sculptor and begin to carve out the elements one at a time. 

Come along and illuminate your world. Satisfy the desire to learn about crafting a BnB.

Master new techniques and enjoy adventure-some evenings while exploring your latest ideas and tips. Clean is always in style.

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On The Tidy BnB site find Info About

The Tidy BnB

the different crafts to help in styling and designing your chosen healthy atmosphere.


safety tips for your best environmental health, inside or outside.


numerous articles illustrating unique styles, custom designs or other types of ideas.

In Style

attractive BnB ideas needed for pulling those intimate moments together on your eventful opening day.

To New Brunswick

various cleaning products, candles, decor and food you will find for any special event you plan.

In Christ Focus . .

Every moment ... An adventure with God ... and ones you are not going to want to leave too quickly !


For a truly healthy life we all must have all three of these next elements met to enjoy life to the fullest: Spirit, Soul and Body.

All have to flow into being strong parts to have a great life. Whether you are the head of your home or a homemaker or a business minded individual.

Relaxation & Guest Tip

At The Tidy BnB we like to remind you .. Lighting your favorite glimmering treasures set the scene for a relaxing evening anytime.

Just talking about it brings such relaxing images to mind. No wonder candles have made their way into your candle light celebrations.

What would your favorite get gatherings be like without the twinkle and aroma of candles? That romantic candlelit dinner would go nowhere fast.

Learn with me BnB and always remind yourself of the benefits of quieting your life down.

Sip an aromatic tea. Savor and enjoy a candlelit moment any time you have frazzled nerves.

A Step by Step Process

Learn with me all about bed and breakfasts (BnBs). Let's take it step by step. For instance is there a difference between:

  1. a simple bed and breakfast
  2. a bnb
  3. an airbnb
  4. and a country inn
  5. or one found in your city?

What are the required regulations?

Questions to ask yourself, others (ones who operate a successful BnB) and government must dos.

What will set you apart from others? What makes you unique? What can you offer that someone else does not have?

Start your Bed and Breakfast

Elemental Steps to Starting a Bed and Breakfast

  1. BnB checklist to consider.
  2. Organize a bed and breakfast.
  3. Set out and design my spaces.
  4. Help it stay clean and inviting.
  5. Get the word out about me and mine.

Next things to Consider in getting Established

  • Rates and How to Calculate
  • Do I hire? And When is it the Right Time?
  • Breakfast Menus to Consider
  • Touring Trips for Those Interested?
  • What Amenities am I going to Offer?
  • Dealing with Vermin. Mice - It's all out War!

Fashions on Site for Entertaining and Presentation

Fashions on site for entertaining, casual, professional, presentation and more. How do you style yourself for each event you plan.

  • Is your family ready?
  • Makeup
  • Room decor
  • Your style period
  • Eating plans for you and your guests
Algonquin Resort New BrunswickAlgonquin Resort St. Andrews New Brunswick Canada

What got Me Started Exploring BnBs

Having my father live in my home in his latter years was a delight. However after his passing my husband and I were left with his living quarters. His "grampy" suite.

So what to do with it now? Hence the question and answer quest of "The Tidy BnB". Join me. I intend to share everything I find and pass it on to you. Enjoy. It may do us both a world of good.

The Exploration Continues ...

As you see we have things to investigate and consider. Drop by often to see the new info and updates added that you can use. Let's train each other together.

  • Always remember, nothing has changed yet!
  • You're still in the planning stage!
  • No need to panic!
  • Relax you're among friends.

What I Truly Enjoy ...

I enjoy in my own life:

  • clean and tidy spaces
  • organization with a purpose
  • order as opposed to chaos
  • finding great ways to clean
  • having it tidy enough to allow for me and others to have fun
  • not so tidy I drive myself and everyone else nuts about it
  • no stress
  • no fear living
  • having a flexible schedule
  • living in an adjust to be adjusted home
  • people free to live in and around me

If I have just described you, welcome aboard. I'm sure we'll encounter some true fun as we explore this bed and breakfast topic together.

Click any photo below to open the gallery and see Dad's Grampy Suite. Enjoy.

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Apartment Living Room
Apartment Kitchen
Apartment Bedroom
Apartment Bedroom
Apartment Bedroom Closet
Apartment Bathroom

Learn with Me BnB. Take a memorable journey with us into finding great ideas, designs, and information regarding the diversified world of bed and breakfasts. TheTidyBnB.com