About me Lois Williams: helping you make the world a better place, one BnB at a time.

My accomplishments online and off list

  • Stay at home working person 46+ years (married to the same man as long). Quite an accomplishment in today's day.
  • Operated online business since 2009. Websites, EBay, Kijiji, organic Gardening and other areas.
  • Pushed myself with home courses like: business management; dressmaking & design; and writing.
  • Currently I am looking to learn: video, book publishing and to deepen my design knowledge.

Is there enough hours in a day. Yes if you treat it at all times like a business. Make yourself appointments and stick to them.

It is work. But you can do it if you put your mind into it. Anyone can do anything if they truly want it. You just have to be dedicated to the work.

What got Me Started Exploring Bed and Breakfasts

Read on to find out more about me Lois Williams and how you can benefit.

Well to start with, to have my father live in my home in his latter years was a delight. That was one adventure after another, let me tell you.

After his passing though my husband and I were left with his living quarters. His "grampy" suite. So what to do with it now? Hence the question and answer quest of "The Tidy BnB".

Join me on my about me Lois Williams page. I intend to share everything about myself and BnBs and how I got started. Then pass it on to you. It may do us both a world of good.

What does all this have to do with you anyway?

What I Truly Enjoy ...

I enjoy in my own life:

  • clean and tidy spaces
  • organization with a purpose
  • order as opposed to chaos
  • finding great ways to clean
  • having rooms tidy enough to allow for me and others to have fun
  • not so tidy I drive myself and everyone else nuts about it
  • no stress
  • having a flexible schedule
  • people free to live in and around me
  • a home that can be lived in by all

If I have just described you as well, welcome aboard. I'm sure we'll encounter some true fun as we explore this bed and breakfast topic together.

Click any photo below to open the gallery and see Dad's Grampy Suite.

Dad and one of his grandchildren
Dad's grampy suite entry
Dad's living room
Dad's kitchen
Dad's bedroom

The Buzz - About How I got Started Online

This is My Story ...

Let me introduce myself again: My name is Lois Williams. This is just a little write up I put together to give you an idea of who owns this awesome site about Bed and Breakfasts.

One of my favorite sayings: Without definite focused concentration concerning any enterprise, means, you get next to nothing in return. 

So I do not even try to say I have, been there, done that, unless I am prepared to put my best foot forward, so to speak. 

Without a definite effort toward anything you consider worthwhile you might as well quit now and save yourself the effort. Because you are not going to make it with anything less than determination and high-class stick-to-itiveness.

How I aim to add value to your bed and breakfast adventure: my "mission statement".

I help people who own, or want to own, BnBs like me to become knowledgeable about the most natural ways to ensure that their business is at its best, healthiest, most productive and well balanced state. 

In doing this I strive to help my audience (that's you!) lead a life you’ve envisioned and perhaps dreamed about. It’s a life where bed and breakfasts add to your own, your family’s and guest's health and well-being.

I aim to do this by:

  • encouraging no fear living
  • reducing stress by getting back to a basic natural, unhurried, entertaining way of life
  • increasing understanding of the value of living in an adjust to be adjusted home
  • a healthy, natural diet for both you and your guests

I accomplish this by writing well researched, easily understood articles which are always focused. I’m able to do this because I have been in a solid home and worked it faithfully for over 40 years.

I communicate this through providing tools which you can put to use immediately. Detailed information with easy to follow strategies and step-by-step “how-tos”. You will gain confidence in your own capabilities because you know you can expect results.

I will act as your example because you will see me actively demonstrating the benefits of what I discover through books and online, With words, photos and videos. You will see me lead the way, by using my mistakes and setbacks. I will teach and train us to see and experience what really works in real life situations.

I aim to encourage you by ensuring a caring approach. Providing honest, constructive feedback based on my exploration and knowledge of a great home life. I both motivate and direct.

I am, at all times, open to feedback and discussion about anything related to information on this website.

My Story of Working Online ...

... began in April of 2001.

Yeah the year of 9/11. 

I guess you could say that being online has been a work in progress. One of acquiring much needed lessons and knowledge. Ones too that I value very much. 

To name one, would be, the beauty and simplicity of my present business. And that if you stick with something, you like doing, long enough things do start to happen. 

Especially if you have the right instruction. That point is worth repeating too... The Right Instruction.

Lois Williams your hostTo your own Adventures in Bed and Breakfasts with a Healthy Twist ..

But back to my story about me Lois Williams.

Specifically my business start-up story . . .

All I can say is: you live and you learn. Sometimes, too, by the school of self-motivation and learning. And lots of work. Most of us would like to avoid that school, altogether, but in reality, most of us can not. It truly takes all of those factors to be here online.

Now to start with I am a homemaker and crafter, who basically has been in both for over 40 years. And I just love bringing all this valuable information online for you to enjoy.  

Mainly because I basically want you to get as much out of the BnB business as you can. Also I enjoy making tasty breakfasts period! Even without a bed and breakfast. Do you?

My Business Diploma 1995My Business Diploma 1995

Could you work online as I do? 

In Christ Focus . .

The Lord has opened unto me His good treasure and blessed the work of my hands. He has commanded the blessing upon me in my storehouse and all that I undertake. (Deut.28:8,12)

About me Lois Williams, as a crafter can you imagine, working smarter, meaning... Having all the time to craft as you want without being bored by any one project over and over again?

Well, with my business that is one thing I like, that I do not have to make anything if I do not want to.

But there is plenty of crafting just the same. 

But here I should clearly state that a person doing what I do, does not end up carrying products, here, there, and everywhere. On the contrary.... anything but. I write about what I enjoy doing.

And the business end of it?… if you want to know more about me Lois Williams and my story and what I do check out this website

Thanks for listening. And keep on being motivated to build your own BnB the way you have always dreamed.


Just a Closing Thought for the Road: The Next Step is Up to You. What will You do NOW?